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Our Broadcasting Policy is separate from the operating policies of Flightdec websites, the platform this website operates on. Broadcasting Policy applies to content provided by third parties such as websites operating in managed Groups or content entered by members of the public into the this ( website.

General disclaimer, or any of our operating partners, does not accept responsibility for the accuracy, copyright or legality of any content entered into a Group by any third party through broadcasting or direct content entry. While steps may be taken to facilitate or remove any content quickly which may breach any laws or reasonable standards of taste, we cannot guarantee content or the removal of offending content in all cases.

For website managers


Broadcasting is the ability of Flightdec websites to send a display of a website page to other website pages. Pages are sent and received according to permissions set on sending and receiving pages.

Pages can be broadcast within Groups by websites joining as members or content, such as events, can be entered directly by members of the public into the website. Groups currently manages the following Groups:

  1. #issues – global Group
  2. #issues nzl – posts broadcast by country. There is a Group for every world nation, e.g. #issues usa (United States). 3-letter country codes can be viewed here.
Join our Groups

If you’d like to join any Groups, refer to the Groups above and apply through:

Your Flightdec admin – left menu ‘Site Groups’.

Search in ‘Find A New Group’.

Broadcasting information

The website encourages broadcasting of the following modules:

Media Releases

Events are received through the Groups – see Broadcasting Policy.

Because many Flightdec modules can be activated to Auto-Broadcast (broadcast immediately the page is made live), we recommend that websites broadcasting these modules use this function and set their Listing Page using the appropriate Group Tags – go to Media Releases Creation (module). In the panel ‘Broadcast Created Media Releases’ we recommend you enter:

  1. Issues
  2. #issues nzl (or replace nzl with your 3-letter country code).
  3. The Group Tag for your local community.
  4. The Group Tags for any interest community belonged to.

In addition or alternatively, broadcasting can be manually set by website administrators instead of using Auto-Broadcasting, or to supplement it.


In the menu at the top of this page are Categories of content, and inside each page are sub-category pages. Each page name provides you with a Category you can choose when creating a web page (for Auto-Broadcasting) or Tags for broadcasting manually. You can enter a number of Categories, however around 8 is the recommended limit.

Note that adds and deletes pages (Categories) from time to time.

If you have any questions about the Broadcasting Policy, please email here.

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