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Living Wages Work for Everyone

The article in today's Dominion confirms that the living wage is a potential win-win for both employees and employers. At least three small businesses are quoted as having introduced this into their working and have not had to increase the cost of their goods or services. Most of this has been down to substantial savings in absenteeism along... Keep Reading


Goldratt's theory works a treat

One of the best books I've read is Eliyahu Goldratt's "The Goal". The book illustrates the practical application of Goldratt's "Theory of Constraints", one of the most powerful management techniques I've ever seen. Goldratt points out that maximising efficiency doesn't always maximise profitability. Much better to focus on constraints.... Keep Reading


The Kiwi innovation space is starting to look awfully crowded

Is it just me, or is the innovation/commercialisation space looking awfully crowded and confused these days? Sure, we like to think we're (NZ Inc) inventive and entrepreneurial. But there seem to be more entities out there offering innovation (and I shudder to use the term) advice, funding and connections than there are companies with good ... Keep Reading


Comedy Festival accessible to Deaf patrons


Four performances - two in Auckland and two in Wellington - will be interpreted in New Zealand Sign Language for Deaf and hearing-impaired patrons at the 2014 New Zealand International Comedy Festival, running from 24 April to 18 May. Keep Reading

Author: Teresa Heinz Housel, Tuesday 15 April 2014, 10:31 am


Why we need Arts For All

Arts For All: Nga toi mō te katoa ... I have in my hands a prized first edition of this excellent resource. To butcher the words of Robert Marley, the first time was so nice we want to do the same thing twice. Broadly speaking, I am sure we would all vote for a motion that promoted the idea that we want to be part of an e... Keep Reading


Max Rashbrooke speaks out against the Treasury, in the nicest possible way.

The matter of income inequality and the huge gaps between the lowest paid and the best paid in our country continues to weep like an incurable septic sore and the Government, for reasons of its own, seems to being guided by the Treasury thinking and considerations in its decision making processes. I find this odd because it would seem... Keep Reading


Good engineering matters: A lot

One of the clearest memories from my first offshore race was waking up to the sight of deck beams bending and twisting as our raceboat punched its way into a gale. Later on, someone said: "That's what happens when you go sailing on a Janola bottle." That was way too long ago for me to admit to anything resembling an exact date. You've... Keep Reading


Re-arranging science funding's deck chairs

Well, I guess you can't have too many science funding bodies... An alert colleague pointed out a GETS call for applications for - Capability in Independent Research Organisations Funding. (GETS Reference: 41196). This fund is aimed at non-Crown Research Institutes, 'which hold significant research capabilities supporting national outcomes in... Keep Reading


Collective Impact Conference 2014

Across our country, there are too many communities faced with multidimensional and entrenched social issues. Our social system has typically responded to complex social problems with isolated or uncoordinated programs working towards different outcomes. Despite the great efforts and resources dedicated to social change in these communities to... Keep Reading


D'you know Arduino?

Arduino is a system of electronic bits and pieces you can assemble into software-controlled gadgets such as musical instruments, car accessories, computer peripherals... you can even find plans on line for an Arduino-based laser cutter. Like Meccano or Lego, Arduino is available as complete sets, or you can buy the p... Keep Reading


'Fire engine envy' + time = sales

Fire engine envy. No, I never knew that such a condition existed, though it kinda makes sense if you happen to be involved in the fire fighting business. But fire engine envy is one of many factors that's assisted Lower Hutt's Fraser Engineering into a pre-eminent position as an Australasian manufacturer of such tenders. Speaking at a recent... Keep Reading


Fraser Engineering; a billion dollar company in the making

Well, you can't accuse Hutt Valley-based Fraser Engineering of lacking ambition. Speaking at a recent Technology Valley get-together, general manager Martin Simpson says it wants to be a billion dollar company. The 60 year old private company with 100 designers, engineers and fabrication and production specialists has tweaked what it makes a... Keep Reading


Award Winning Artist Jordan Barnes joins the NZ Art Show's Selection Panel

Award Winning Artist Jordan Barnes joins the NZ Art Show’s Selection Panel The NZ Art Show has appointed two new members to its selection panel, award-winning mixed-media Taranaki artist Jordan Barnes and prominent Wellingtonian Jane Hart. They join existing members Mal Brow and Jo Hughes who is the panel’s new convenor. Jo replac... Keep Reading


Engaging Parents


Embedded into the Partnering with Parents philosophy is the belief that we need more confident parents, not ones who feel their experience or knowledge is inferior; that the family is the most important support group for the child and that the child learns best when their family and teachers work in partnership to support the child's... Keep Reading

Author: Laree Taula, Sunday 16 March 2014, 12:41 pm


Local Feature Film Eternity to screen in three cities in China & Lucerne

Local Feature Film Eternity to Screen in Three Cities in China & Lucerne Eternity, the feature film by New Zealand director Alex Galvin, has been officially selected as one of five feature films selected for the 2014 New Zealand Film Festival in the People's Republic of China which is to take place between 24 April and 12 May in Bei... Keep Reading

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